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Bring music to life.

Dance to the rhythm of your heart.

Hear the music. Feel the beat.

We have a unique blend of talent that allows us to offer such a diverse range of services.

We take a lot of pride in what we do and are very passionate about our craft, attention to detail, project preparation, dedication and providing creative solutions.

The art and style of DJ’s began with the mixing of two identical records back and forth, extending the rhythmic instrumental segment.


 Understand your vision, explore what’s possible, set a timeline and budget.


Align your vision with cohesive design and create overall style with memorable details.


Manage timelines and vendor partners, and execute event with excellence

First and foremost, Tritech light and sound is a service company.  Whether gearing up for your first spin on the tables, sourcing crew and equipment for your wedding , our team of highly experienced staff will help guide you.  Through listening and understanding needs, we can collaborate to turn your vision into reality.

Our focus on professional audio equipment and intelligent lighting with high standards has enabled us to select, assemble and maintain the best production solutions and systems available while innovating industry leading  efficient packaging. When needed, we provide uncompromising project management service, in an effort to ensure the quality of production staff in the field and the ability of warehouse and operations staff to provide the proper level of support services.

Tritech light and sound is committed to staff training and a regular review of operating procedures.We have been providing equipment to EDM events since the "rave" days. We excel at providing equipment and expertise for  high SPL shows. Customer satisfaction and client longevity are measures of staff performance as well as direct reflections of our work ethic and commitment to service.

Our staff works closely with each client to define the requirements and challenges of each project. Consideration of performance, physical requirements, aesthetics, ease of operation, and the potential for future upgrades are taken into account to ensure you get the best possible sound system and/or video system for your budget. We use the latest software available to aid our technicians in the design of the system and also to predict the coverage and sound pressure levels within the seating environment. We are able to provide full system integration as required by each project.

We offer the same high standard of customer service, regardless of the product or project value. From large capacity entertainment arenas, educational institutions, theaters and houses of worship to the most intimate boardrooms, Tritech light and sound can supply complete consultation, design and installation services for any application requiring quality audio , lighting or video .

Concert & festivals


Stage and Roof

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